1. Acoustic Album (H42-TBA)
    Mos Generator

  2. Atlas (H42-044)

  3. The Flying Eyes vs. Lazlo Lee & The Motherless Children (H42-043)
    The Flying Eyes / Lazo Lee & the Motherless Children

  4. Six Wheeled Action Man Tank (H42-041)

  5. DesertFest London Vol. 3 (H42-040)

  6. Definitive 7" Trilogy (H42-039)
    Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri

  7. Temple Of Apollo -Hell Over Hammaburg Edition (H42-038)
    Year Of The Cobra

  8. Meet On Mars/Holy Oath (H42-037)

  9. Neverending Cyrcle (H42-036)
    Stone House On Fire

  10. Hearts (H42-035)
    Encephalic Barrier

  11. What Have You Done/Silver Machine (H42-034)

  12. Gamma/Hydra-The Siege (H42-033)
    Mos Generator/Year Of The Cobra

  13. Thumbsucker/Stoned Woman (H42-032)
    Spiritual Beggars

  14. Signals from Beyond/Earn You Stripes (H42-031)
    Desert Storm/Suns Of Thunder

  15. Shaking Bones EP (H42-030)

  16. DesertFest London Vol. 2 (H42-029)
    Monster Magnet/Raging Speedhorn

  17. Poison The Well/1969 (H42-027)
    The Flying Eyes

  18. Arkadia (H42-026)

  19. The Roaring Deer Vol. One (H42-025)
    H42 Records Label Sampler

  20. Split (H42-024)
    Odd Couple/Suns Of Thyme

  21. Starquake (H42-023)
    Brujas Del Sol

  22. Electric Escapism (H42-022)
    Molior Superum

  23. I Am Pretended (H42-021)
    Black Salvation

  24. Split EP (H42-020)
    Blackwolfgoat/Larman Clamor

  25. Fourteen/65 (H42-018)
    Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri

  26. She Ain't You/Suicide Leaders (H42-017)
    The Loranes

  27. Temple Of Time (H42-016/SHR1501)
    Deep Aeon

  28. DesertFest London 7" Vol. 1 (H42-015)
    Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri

  29. Six/66 (H42-014)
    Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri

  30. Vol. IV/Spit Out The Crap (H42-013)
    Mos Generator/Daily Thompson

  31. Son of a Gun/The Grey Belly (H42-012)

  32. Ein Herz voller Soul (H42-010)
    Coogans Bluff

  33. Gimme Your / Lovebug (H42-009)
    Shivas Nat

  34. The Inconclusive Portrait (H42-008)
    Molior Superum

  35. Sunshine Song (H42-007)
    Dean Allen Foyd

  36. Dust Demon/Woman (H42-006)
    Lord of Giant

  37. Split 7" (H42-005)
    Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri

  38. First Movement/Number Two (H42-004)
    Encephalic Barrier

  39. Black Ocean (H42-003)
    Mother Of God

  40. Unsere Jugend ist vorbei (H42-002/HHREC 0437)

  41. European Tour Split-7" (H42-001)
    The Flying Eyes / Golden Animals


H42Records Hamburg, Germany

We are a independent record company located in Hamburg, Germany with a big focus on strictly limited vinyls.
Our passion is to bring good rock music in any variations and vinyl together.

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